Winter crop forecast

Sustained dry weather conditions have significantly cut Australian winter crop production, with the upcoming grain harvest now expected to come in 41 per cent below 2016/17, and well below the five-year average, according to Rabobank’s latest crop forecast.

WA clarifies grain stocks position

CBH have announced that they will be releasing harvest receival information, aggregated by grade and port zone, weekly during harvest. WAFarmers supports the release of this information in an effort to improve market transparency, and may allow growers to make better informed decisions throughout the season.

Gains for grains

Australian crop production is forecast to fall in 2017/18 (ABARES Agricultural Commodities Report September 2017) after a record season in 2016/17, and grain prices are on the rise back toward 2015 levels. In fact, prices during September 2017 reached the highest levels since mid-2015.