Influential Women to follow journey of cattle to Indonesian families
Monday, 20 August 2012 14:53
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Catherine-MarriottGroundbreaking trip has been facilitated by Influential Women to have 10 women from Northern Beef Industry enrich international connections with their Indonesian counterparts.

Catherine-Marriott-and-Indonesian-WomenWith support from Wellard Rural Exports, Meat and Livestock Australia, Landmark and Coopers Animal Health, the historic event will showcase the professionalism and dedication Indonesian people have to the Australian Beef Industry and give the Australian women a first-hand experience of the whole live export supply chain.

'Nothing on this scale has ever been achieved. Influential Women will enable a connection between the Australian women from the land, growing these cattle, to Indonesian women providing nourishment for their families and communities. It is a overwhelmingly amazing opportunity!' A shared passion between Influential Women founders, Catherine Marriott and Elizabeth Brennan.

The trip developed as part of the inaugural launch of Influential Women in Broome earlier in the year to proactively engage with the media and share the positive stories of the agricultural industry. Influential Women formed to build the capacity of rural women and celebrate the roles women play as agvocates for the agricultural industry. Passionate about communicating with consumers and the wider public, Influential Women seek to collaborate more effectively across industries to raise the profile and pride of agriculture.

Designed to facilitate continual learning and legacy, each Influential Women Forum includes a project development workshop which reflects the passion of the women to create positive global industry progress and international media coverage. Concluding the Broome Forum was the desire for the women was to connect with the whole live export supply chain and experience first hand the mutually positive impact the Australian Beef Industry has in the Indonesian communities.

The women travelling from the Northern Australian Beef Industry will visit feedlots, abattoirs, a bakso manufacturing plant and wet market, culminated by a feast with an Indonesian family. The motivation of the trip is to gain a mutual understanding from a women's point of view into the importance of the Australian and Indonesian beef industries and how they can support each other in creating a secure food future together.

"I am looking forward to exploring the entire supply chain for our produce. We raise cattle on our property from their birth to provide an important source of protein to families in Indonesia. The trip gives me an opportunity to see how our cattle go from our family property in the Kimberley, how they are looked after in the feedlots and how they are processed and then marketed to Indonesian families." Helen Campion from Anna Plains Station and participant from the Influential Women Broome Forum.

As ambassadors for the Northern Beef Industry, these influential women from Western Australia are excited to share their farming stories with their Indonesian partners and witness firsthand the journey and impact their cattle are making in thousands of lives across the world.

Image: Catherine Marriott, Director of Influential Women, connecting with Indonesian women involved in the Northern Beef Industry