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Boosting the Territory’s buffalo industry to create jobs

NT Minister for Primary Industry and Resources Ken Vowles launched Australia’s first Water Buffalo Manual, which aims to help the development of Australia’s Water Buffalo Industry.

“The agribusiness industry is one of the key economic drivers of the Northern Territory economy, and the growth of the buffalo industry will create more jobs,” Mr Vowles said.

“The Territory Government will continue to develop material and information to help stimulate economic development and job growth with industry in the Northern Territory.”

NT Department of Primary Industry and Resources’ buffalo expert, Barry Lemcke, has compiled the manual. A Northern Australian livestock scientist with more than 42 years of experience, his career has included a focus on buffalo management and agricultural research.

“The value to producers of exported buffalo is about $4.2 million, but the buffalo industry also contributes to the Territory economy through export of animals, processing at local abattoirs, and employment in Indigenous communities,” Mr Vowles said.

“The manual includes findings from research undertaken at Beatrice Hill Farm, Australia’s only buffalo research and development facility, as well as from Mr Lemcke’s buffalo-related travels overseas. This vital technical manual forms a great link between the department and our industry sectors and will help support sustainable economic development.

“This manual is an integral piece of knowledge and will be useful to anyone who is interested in running buffalo commercially or as a hobby.”

The manual includes information on breeding, genetics, handling, products, transport, farming systems, abattoir operations, calf rearing and weaning, herd pasture and feed management, infrastructure and yard facilities, and artificial insemination as well as the world situation and local history in the NT. There is also an appendix on meat and cheese preparation.

Source: NT Government